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The Path of Landscapes

Localita' sul percorso 
Cocconato, Vastapaglia, Carboneri, Cunico, Colcavagno, Rinco, Castelcebro, Tonco
approximately 31 km
tempo di percorrenza 
2 days
difficolta' del percorso 

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Cocconato (430 m) - hamlet of Vastapaglia (300 m) - Carboneri (280 m) - Cunico train station (170 m) – Colcavagno (200 m) - Rinco (260 m) – Village of Castelcebro (250 m) - Tonco (240 m) - Casalino (170 m) - Sangona (150 m)
Length: 31 km


Starting from the interception with the path after Superga-Crea path, at the village of Cocconato, the route winds south towards the hamlet of Vastapaglia. At this point you can admire the hill ridges facing the gypsum caves of Montiglio. From that place, you pass close to Cascine Croce, and go down to the valley bottom again. Walk on it briefly and then go uphill again at the residential complex of Carboneri. After you cross the residential complex, the path continues through small croplands and some arboreal/shrub vegetation for a long stretch, which is an ideal environment for some animals like hares, pheasants, partridges, grey partridges, etc. At some point, you can see the old residential complex of Cunico on a hill, which is a village enclosed by fortified walls in the early Middle Ages. Significant traces of its urban layout are still visible. Finally you arrive at Cunico train station. This might be a point of arrival - departure for those who wish to come here by train. The path now crosses the county road and climbs up Colcavagno hill. The old castle is outlined between its houses, near which you can enjoy wide patches of the view on the surrounding hills. As you continue along the road, you go back down the slope towards cascina Nosei, and then up towards the village of Rinco, which is well characterized by the shape of the tower and the building of the castle. If you want, in this town, you can get on the “Between Churches and Castles” path, which continues towards Scandeluzza from Rinco. Otherwise, you proceed on the route, which passes the hill ridge all the way to the old hamlet of Castelcebro, which offers a very distinctive architectural features, as it was kept in its original layout. Then you start off on a long and panoramic stretch, which does not cross residential complexes, except for a few farms, and leads you to Tonco. Here we recommend you go up to the square in front of the noble Town Hall, which offers a splendid view over the surrounding territory. As you leave the village behind and head towards cascina Casalino, you will finally arrive at the interception with the “Asti-Crea Path” after cascina Sangone.

Informazioni utili 
Hiking and MTB trail
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