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musei provincia

L'area museale è caratterizzata da una pregiata collezione di pezzi autentici che documentano la vita di uno dei pionieri dell'industria conserviera Francesco Cirio. E’ illustrata la storia della sua attività di promozione e commercializzazione dei prodotti e il packaging: libri, diari, ricettari, opuscoli agende, listini ed etichette delle varie epoche.

Davide Laiolo’s art collection consists of 100 works (paintings, sculptures, graphic works) by contemporary Italian artists (Renato Guttuso, Aligi Sassu, Antonio Ligabue, Carlo Carrà)located in thre halls in Palazzo Crova.  The history building also houses Museo del Gusto, a journey to discover the taste, the history of food and wine, the personalities and the quality products of the territory, through multimedia suggestions.

The Museum displays testimonies of the wine making process and of life in the ancient Piedmont farmhouses (among the exhibited objects there are wine presses from the 17th and 18th century), as well as an important collection of prints and rare labels from the 17th century to the present day.

The collection, donated by Franco Montanari, is located in the Town Hall and includes paintings and sculptures by contemporary Italian and foreign artists such as Renato Guttuso, Giorgio Morandi, Osvaldo Licini, Modigliani and Marc Chagall.

The museum, located in the beautiful building of the former district prisons, is a venue for exhibitions that are held throughout the year and preserves works donated by famous artists such as Enrico Paulucci, Simone Benetton and Bruno Martinazzi.

It preserves sacred and precious objects such as liturgical vestments and wooden statues from the parishes of Costigliole d' Asti, belonging to the Confraternite di San Gerolamo e della Misericordia (Congregations of St. Jerome and Mercy)

The museum exhibits material collected by the Salesian Missionaries during their travels to Patagonia, Central America, Middle and Far East.

The park and the tower house a museum dedicated to the extraordinary figure of the Earl of St. Robert. The visitor has the opportunity to discover the life and the significance of the Count’s works through his groundbreaking studies (ballistics, artillery, mechanics, hypsometry, thermodynamics) and his interests (botany and entomology).

The Museum tells not only the history of a town and a territory but it is a real journey in more than 150 years of winemaking vocation. Designed by Eugenio Guglielminetti it can be updated and changed over time and is equipped with modern multimedia, including six screens projecting films in multiple languages.


Sug@R(T)_house offers many tours on two floors and set itself up to visitors, collectors of sugar bags, school groups and meddlers as a living, evolving space, open to collaborations with other museums and capable of enhancing and producing culture.

In the medieval castle of Cisterna d’Asti the Ethnographic Museum collects more than 6000 objects dating back to 1600-1900 and the rooms, the ancient artisan workshops, farmer houses and studios of traditional crafts and trades, some of which are now completely disappeared, are brought to a new life.