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From Viarigi to Moncalvo

Localita' sul percorso 
Viarigi, Casorzo, Grazzano Badoglio, Moncalvo
approximately 20 km
tempo di percorrenza 
1 day
difficolta' del percorso 

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Viarigi (230 m) - Casorzo (270 m) - Grazzano Badoglio (299 m) - Moncalvo (300 m)

Length: 20 km


The route sets off from Viarigi. The village lies on several terraced levels that make it charming and picturesque. Symbol of the village is the “Torre dei Segnali - Signal Tower” of medieval origin. The plateau of the tower, a place of great scenic beauty, offers a view on the surrounding hills, neighbouring villages and the entire Alpine chain as far as the eye can see. Among the most significant monuments, the Romanesque parish church of San Marziano dating back to the twelfth century, located just outside the village, is worth visiting. As you leave the residential complex behind and move northwest, the road winds through the countryside. After you cross the so-called “del mulino - the mill” canal, you start going up the valley until you reach the crest of the hill and the residential complex of Casorzo. The parish church dedicated to San Vincenzo Martire, which is a Baroque building built in 1730 by architect Magnocavallo, the former San Giorgio Church, which is a Romanesque building dating back to the twelfth century, the monumental complex of the Madonna delle Grazie, the sixteenth-century palaces and the tower of the vineyards stand over the village. There are glimpses of noteworthy panoramic views over the surrounding territory here, too. After you pass the village, you proceed towards Grazzano Badoglio, where Marshal Pietro Badoglio was born. The Romanesque church of Madonna dei Monti, on top of the homonymous hill, and the parish church, dedicated to Santi Vittore and Corona, which houses valuable paintings, among which “La morte di San Francesco Saverio – The Death of San Francesco Saverio” by Andrea Pozzo, and the tomb of the legendary Marquis Aleramo, the founder of the Marquis of Monferrato, are definitely worth visiting in this town. Adjoining the church is the cloister yard of the ancient Benedictine abbey, founded by Marquis Aleramo in 961 and recently restored. From the yard of the church and the cloister it is possible to enjoy a breathtaking view on the hills and the Alps, from Monviso to Monte Rosa. Today Marshal Pietro Badoglio’s birthplace house is the seat of a museum, which houses relics, collections of photographs and documents on the period between the two World Wars. Moving west, you go down again to the valley bottom, then up the hillside. Then you pass near the Jewish cemetery and finally reach the town of Moncalvo. The old town is worth a leisurely visit to capture picturesque views along the narrow, winding streets, squares, ruins of the castle, once residence of the Marquis of Monferrato. Today it houses the headquarters of the Bottega del Vino. We recommend you climb the castle towers, because the panorama that you can admire over hills and the town from there is truly remarkable. The town of Moncalvo is the place where the famous painter Guglielmo Caccia, said “the Moncalvo”, lived and died (Montabone 1568 - Moncalvo 1625). The parish church of San Francesco and other churches house extraordinary paintings by the painter and his circle. The museum, which houses works by artists including Chagall, De Chirico, Morandi, Sironi, Modigliani, etc. is also worth noting.

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