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The northern part of the Asti region offers various itineraries.
Following the direction of Chivasso along the old roman road one can travel along the traced route of the Via Francigena, the medieval journey of the pilgrims arriving from Rome: to do this simply follow the indications for the many roman parish churches, which remain as testimony of these passages. Cortazzone, Montechiaro, Montiglio, Cerreto, Montafia, are only some of the villages, which, usually just outside the built-up areas, on green hills or near little cemeteries, host these small churches, which have nearly all been renovated and can be visited. Worthy beginning and end of this itinerary is the visit of the Abbey of Vezzolano, the most important Romanesque monument of the Piedmont.

Another antique road (which interlaces with the first) is the Valle Versa road, with its castles: Castell’Alfero, Montiglio, Frinco, Rinco and further up Passerano until one reaches Cocconato, balcony on the Monferrato, with its beautiful old town centre. Those choosing a more religious journey can head for the “terre dei Santi” (land of the saints): Castelnuovo Don Bosco and its surroundings, where San Giovanni Bosco, San Domenico Savio, the Blessed Cafasso and Cardinal Massaia were born. Towards east lay the gentle hills of the heart of what used to be the great Marquisate of the Monferrato: the itinerary, which leads from Portacomaro towards Moncalvo, the smallest city in Italy, offers splendid historic testimonies such as the Castle of Montemagno, Romanesque art, the manieristic paintings of the Caccia in the parish churches and, from the point of view of landscape and oenology, also the largest vineyard of Italy. A last suggestion are the ethnography museums: from Cisterna (nearby the historic town centre of San Damiano) to the sites of the Ecomuseo, to the Plaster museums of Montafia and Moncucco, there are many opportunities to learn more about the farm life of the Lower Monferrato.