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Benedetto Alfieri (Roma 1699 – 1767) 

Architect, his family was from Asti, famous for designing important Baroque buildings in Piedmont

Francesco  Faa’ di Bruno (Alessandria 1825 – 1888)

Scientist, soldier, beatified person, whose family used to spend long periods in the quiet castle of Bruno

Giuseppe Marello (Torino 1844 – 1895) 

Saint of the Roman Catholic Church, whose family was from San Martino Alfieri, where he spent his childhood, founder of the Congregazione degli Oblati di San Giuseppe

Rita Levi Montalcini (Torino 1909 – 2012)  

Was an italian neurologist and a Senator for life; she received a Nobel Price in Medicine for the discovery of the nerve growth factor. Her family was originally from Asti; during the war,  she evacuated to the countryside (Monferrato), where she recreated a small lab for her experiments

Tommaso Villa  (Canale d’Alba 1832 – 1915)  

Lawyer and politician, whose family was from Valfenera  

Giovanni Cheli (Torino 1918 - 2013)

Cardinal and archbishop, his mother’s family was originally from Asti: he is buried in the Cathedral of Asti. From 1973 to 1986 was a permanent representative of the Holy See to the United Nations; he was President of the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and itinerant People.

Fabiola Gianotti (Roma 1962) 

Physicist, her father’s family was originally from Asti; spokesperson and coordinator  of the ATLAS Experiment at CERN in Geneve that brought to the discovery of  the “Higg’s boson”

Giovanni Lajolo (Novara 1935)  

Cardinal, his family was from Vinchio d’Asti, where he still spends some time. President of the Governorate of Vatican City State


And …..Jorge Mario Bergoglio, knows as Papa Francesco, born in Bueno Aires on December 17th, 1936. His family was from Castelnuovo Don Bosco and in the middle of the 19th century moved to Bricco Marmorito (Portacomaro Stazione), a hamlet of Asti. In his grandparents’ and father’s house still live descendants of the Bergoglio Family.