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 The Douja d'Or, the national Exhibition of selected wines takes place every year in the town centre of Asti from the 2nd to the 3rd weekend of September. 

The event organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Asti was born in 1967 and since then it has developed and become an important and unique appointment in the national oenological scene. Enlivened by cultural, gastronomic and artistic events, the wine is the unopposed protagonist with more than 500 winners of this National Oenology competition, that come from all the Italian regions. 

There are many appointments during the Douja: ̢Piatti d'Autore where top class dishes prepared by the best known chefs of the area are served, evenings with tasting sessions during which it is possible to taste wines and products coming from the other regions of Italy, tastings of the Chamber of Commerce dedicated to Piedmont specialities and then the oenogastronomic evenings, art exhibitions, cultural walks, meetings and concerts. Beside the traditional exhibition of the awarded wines there are the Douja della Barbera and the Douja of Asti Spumante where you can taste the two wines renowned as the excellence of the territory. 



Festival delle Sagre

The Festival delle Sagre is a unique event in Italy. In the big Piazza Campo del Palio a real village is built (with small houses, a church, the Town Hall and even the Post Office). From Saturday, 7 pm until Sunday late at night, more than 40 Pro Loco Associations will present their traditional dishes accompanied by the local wines and show the great food and wine tradition of this part of Monferrato.  On Sunday morning, the big parade in the old town with more than 3000 people in traditional costumes, old tractors, animals and tools evokes moments of rural life in the 19th and 20th centuries with an extraordinary and lively representation that follows the seasons.

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