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500 meters, one way
tempo di percorrenza 
15 minutes, one way
difficolta' del percorso 
linear out-and-back trail on asphalt and grassy track

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Suitable for: all ages

Not suited to strollers (younger kids should be carried in a backpack)

Elevation gain: +60 metres one-way

Distance: 0,5 km one-way

Estimated time: 0,15 hours one way

Route type: linear out-and-back trail on asphalt and grassy track

Starting altitude: 340 metres

Arrival altitude: 400 metres

When: all the year round in absence of snow

A very easy walk, also suitable for younger kids, combining art and fantasy in its purest state, it starts from an unusual and colourful panoramic church and then through the vineyards of Moscato to reach a display of giant crayons!

From Coazzolo you walk about 1.8 km along a hilly road ("Cappella di Tremlett" brown signs) until you reach the small car park next to a country chapel located in a panoramic position on the ridge of a hill. The view alone here could be worth the trip however, the chapel dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of Carmine and dating back to the seventeenth century adds a touch of liveliness that should not be dismissed. The work is by the English artist David Tremlett (the same one who, with the American artist Sol Lewitt, has also worked on the well-known "chapel of the Brunate" in La Morra). Next to the chapel there is an esplanade with benches that encourage meditation in front of a magnificent view.

After revitalising yourself through the view and the colours of the chapel, you leave the holy building behind and continue your walk along a short stretch of asphalt, passing by a farm entrance. The road climbs slightly uphill but when it turns left, downhill, you leave it to proceed on a clear grassy track to the right ("Vigna dei Pastelli" sign) which goes uphill more steeply, by crossing the rows of vines and heading roughly towards a hut on top of the hillock.

Just a few steps and the magic begins: the vine support poles in front of each row have been replaced by giant colourful crayons which create a sort of fairy-tale dreamlike setting that fills you with joy, while the view reveals the magnificent panorama of the Moscato d'Asti vineyards. The walk is short, but the time you will spend among these rows will expand in a sort of magical way...


In Coazzolo the castle has been overlooking the small village and its surroundings since the end of the 13th century. North of the town centre, towards the cemetery, there is one of the colourful giant benches that have been quite popular and appearing for some time among the hills of Langhe Monferrato Roero.

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Suitable for all ages, not suited to strollers (younger kids should be carried in a backpack)
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