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The Circuit of Rocchetta Tanaro Park

Rocchetta Tanaro
Rocchetta Tanaro
approximately 7 km
tempo di percorrenza 
half a day
difficolta' del percorso 

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The proposal is to discover the top Park of Asti. This track allows you to plunge into forests with wild and original tall trees, that in ancient times used to cover most of the Po Valley and form a true lowland forest. Today these forests which were rich in biodiversity have practically disappeared due to the anthropization of the land. Only the avant-garde Marquis Incisa della Rocchetta made it possible for this precious piece of “forest” to reach us almost intact over time.


From the recreational area on the central ridge of the Park, the track descends along the long cart track following curves and cuts the slope facing west, until you reach the secluded valley of Rabengo Stream, just before which there is a small recreational area. During the descent, there is a clear change in the floristic composition of the forest: from mixed oak to hazelnut mingled with black locust trees. As you pass close to two semi-demolished farmhouses, you get to walk along the river Tanaro for a while in this natural and quiet section. Once you are on the valley of the Ronsinaggio stream, you walk on the valley bottom until you reach the large recreational area called “Bigatti,” which is the lower gate to the Park. From here, the trail continues along the river on a wide cart track. Soon you will see the broad and distinctive foliage of “the great beech-tree” that does not go unnoticed on the steep slope facing north. It is the arboreal patriarch that remains of the widespread beech trees that used to cover the entire area at the end of the last ice age. Here it grows at its minimum altitude in Piedmont, about 140 meters above mean sea level. Then you finally abandon the valley bottom road and gain altitude slowly up to the ridge, which is once again immersed among mixed oak trees, where the dominant species are durmast, British oak and Turkey oak, featuring some hybrid forms that are hard to assign systematically. You can further explore the naturalistic and forestry aspects that you encounter along the path at the Multi-purpose Learning Center at the final section of the trail. The center is also used as a hostel and it allows you to integrate and expand your visit to the park through other self-guided trails. The remaining section to complete the circuit follows the route of the path that

is made easier for the visually impaired. It is equipped with a continuous handrail and Braille information panels. If you walk it with your eyes closed, you can imagine the difficulties associated with this invalidating disability.

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