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The Castles

It is a pleasant opportunity to recommend routes among the castles of the province: almost every municipality, in fact has preserved one or more castles or at least some remains, a tower or a ruin of the manor that once dominated it. With some exceptions one may confirm the date of the beginning of a spread in the construction of defensive buildings in the territory of the present province of Asti occurred around the end of the 9th century, that is at the time of the invasions of the Hungarians and of the Saracens.
The life of the castles in Monferrato has not however, been easy; first of all during the Middle Ages, owing to the continuous struggle between the free Municipality of Asti, and the Marchesato of Montferrat, and then in the 16th and 17th centuries, during the wars of succession to the Marchesato that witnessed raids by the Spanish and French armies during which some of the castles were completely destroyed. After the reconciliation of Monferrato at the beginning of the 18th century, those surviving had no longer a defensive function, becoming elegant country residences.