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These hills are known as the “Terre dei Santi” (the Land of Saints). They were crossed by two pilgrim routes leading to Rome, the capital of the Christianity: the “Via Francigena” and the Transromanica
That is why the Asti Region is rich in Romanesque parish churches, the most important of which is The Abbey of Santa Maria di Vezzolano: their origin is still a mystery, surrounded by myths, legends and tales.
You will discover the Romanesque Art, visit small and ancient villages through the landscapes aiming to get Unesco recognition, where fields alternate with vineyards and the itineraries are a harmonious blend of culture and countryside.  
Among the Sanctuaries we mention Colle Don Bosco, where you can also visit the place of birth of St. John Bosco, the “Museo Etnologico Missionario” and the “Museo della Vita Contadina”. At a short distance in the province of Alessandria, the unmissable Sacro Monte di Crea with the enclosed park. Of Romanesque origin, the Sanctuary was administred by the Canons of  Vezzolano until 1468, by the Canons Regular of the Lateran until 1798, by the Servants of Mary until 1801, and from 1820 until 1992 by the Conventual Franciscans.
Below is the list of Saints and religious people of Asti descent

Sant' Aniano di Asti

(... – ...) probably a Bishop, worshipped as a saint; he lived in the 5th century 

San Secondo d'Asti

(... – Asti, 30 March 119) worshipped as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church, Martyr and Patron Saint of Asti


(….- 5th cent) Italian Bishop and Bishop of Asti in the 5th century

Landolfo da Vanglate 

Bishop of Asti – 11th – 12th cent. Blessed

San Bruno (o Brunone) d'Asti

(Solaro Family 1045-1123) Abbot of Monteccassino

Giuseppe Allamano

(1851 – 1926) Beatified by the Roman Catholic Church, was born in Castelnuovo d’Asti (now Castelnuovo Don Bosco)

San Giovanni Bosco

(1815-1888), Saint, was  born in Castelnuovo d’Asti (now Castelnuovo Don Bosco)

San Domenico Savio

(Chieri 1842- Castelnuovo Don Bosco 1857)

Margherita Occhiena 

known as Mamma Margherita (Capriglio, 1 April 1788 – Torino 25 November 1856): the Holy See declared her Venerable in 2006

Giuseppe Cafasso (1811 - 1860)

(1811 - 1860) Saint of the Roman Catholic Church, born in  Castelnuovo D.B.

Maria Mazzarello 

(Mornese, 9 May 1837 – Nizza Monferrato, 14 May 1881) founder of the Congregation “ Daughters of Mary Help of Christians”” was declared Saint by Pope  Pio XII in 1951

Francesco Cagliero

(1875 - 1935) Missionary, born in Castelnuovo Don Bosco 

Giovanni Cagliero

(1838 - 1926) Archbishop and Musician, born in Castelnuovo Don Bosco 

Giuseppe Marello

(Torino 1844 - 1895) Saint of the Roman Catholic Church and founder of the Congregation “Oblates of Saint Joseph”, his family came from San Martino Alfieri (At), place where he spent his childhood.

Francesco Faa di Bruno

(Alessandria, 29 March 1825 - Torino, 27 March 1888) son of the Marquess of Bruno

Guglielmo Massaia

(1809 – 1889) Missionary in Ethiopia, Cardinal and Catholic Archbishop, born in Piovà Massaia.

Giovanni Cheli

(Torino 1918 - 2013) Cardinal and archbishop, his mother’s family came from Asti. He is buried in the Cathedral of Asti.  

Luigi Bianco

(1960) Catholic Archbishop and since 2009 Apostolic Nuncio in Honduras, born in Montemagno (AT) 

Angelo Sodano

(1927) ) Catholic Archbishop, Cardinal and Secretary of Vatican City State, he is nowadays Dean of the College of Cardinals. He was born in Isola d’Asti

Giovanni Lajolo

(Novara 1935)  Cardinal, his family came from Vinchio, village that he still visits regularly. President of the Governorate of Vatican City State

Mario Bergoglio 

Pope Francis (Buenos Aires 1936) – the family came from the Asti region