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Around Cocconato

Tonengo, hamlet of Ottini
hamlet of Tuffo
Localita' sul percorso 
hamlet of Ottini (Tonengo), hamlet of Maroero, Cocconito, Cocconato, hamlet of Tuffo
approximately 12 km
tempo di percorrenza 
half a day
difficolta' del percorso 

Hamlet of Ottini (460 m) - hamlet of Maroero (430 m) - junction to Cocconito (410 m) - hamlet of Tuffo (320 m) - Cocconato (460 m)

Length: 11,7 km


The route starts off from “The Path of the Hills” in the hamlet of Ottini, within the municipality of Tonengo, and soon it reaches the point where there is the Romanesque church of San Michele, which houses interesting  decorative elements. Then you go towards the hamlet of Maroero, on a road that winds through a hilly ridge, which is remarkably scenic and picturesque. Once you come to a crossroad which is about 50 meters from the residential complex of Maroero, you turn east and go to the hamlet of Cocconito-Vignaretto. The road forks off at the eastern end of the hamlet. If you take the road to the left heading east-southeast, you will walk on “Strada delle Serre”. Only a small part of this stretch is paved. It crosses a sparsely populated and wooded area and follows the ridge until you reach the hamlet of Tuffo. After you walked the first 160 meters from the entrance from strada delle Serre, it is worth taking a short detour on a narrow dirt stretch heading east-northeast, which ends after about 400 meters at the small church of San Giovanni, a fresh and evocative staging point on top of a wooded hill (429 m). When you get back on the main route, you continue towards east along strada delle Serre, on an easy and wide dirt road, crossing forests, clearings and very picturesque vineyards. The hill ridge features a characteristic alternation of shady areas and sunny clearings created also by the considerable variability of the vegetation of the area. As the vineyards were abandoned progressively, a natural succession was triggered that produced natural woodlands dominated by oak and ash, as well as small sub-arid grasslands and scrubs, where many species of wild orchids bloom: they are all under absolute protection and some of these, such as Orchis ustulata, are of particular naturalistic interest for Northern Monferrato. There are three recreation areas along this dirt road. On the other hand, if you take the road to the right at the junction mentioned above, you will proceed in a southerly direction, towards Cocconato. You go down and then up on the hillside on a pleasant and articulated trail between meadows and forests. The village of Cocconato, orange flag of the Italian Touring Club, is considered the “Riviera of Monferrato” for its mild climate and magnificent scenic points. The well-preserved old town is definitely worth a leisurely visit to see its historical - architectural monuments. The Town Hall is perhaps the crown jewel of the historic – monumental treasures of Cocconato. The mighty building, dating back to the fifteenth century, stands out for its richly decorated brick ogival lancet porch and it is one of the few remaining examples of civil Gothic architecture in Monferrato. Finally, Cocconato stands out for its renowned local wine and food. Do not miss the famous robiola with the same name. This tour ends here, but this is also the starting point of “The Path of Landscapes” described above.

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Hiking and MTB trail
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