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About us

Tourist Information Office of the Province of Asti

Registered office:

Piazza Alfieri 34 - 14100 ASTI

Direction and Administration:

Piazza Alfieri 33 - 14100 ASTI


+39-0141 530357 - Fax: +39-0141 538200

The Regional Law n.75 of the 22nd October, 1996, promulgated in order to organize the tourist information and reception activities as well as all the activities connected to the promotion of the tourism, promoted the establishment of the A.T.L (Agenzie di Accoglienza e Promozione Turistica Locale -Local Tourist Boards). The A.T.L. information offices – among which AstiTurismo is one of the 9 Local Tourist Boards in Piedmont- have been created in order to improve the local tourist resources and the tourist reception and assistance system and to help the Regione Piemonte with the national and international promotional activities. The A.T.L. are public-private consortia.