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About us

Tourist Information Office of the Province of Asti

Registered office:

Piazza Alfieri 34 - 14100 ASTI

Direction and Administration:

Piazza Alfieri 33 - 14100 ASTI


+39-0141 530357 - Fax: +39-0141 538200

The Regional Law n.75 of the 22nd October, 1996, promulgated in order to organize the tourist information and reception activities as well as all the activities connected to the promotion of the tourism, promoted the establishment of the A.T.L (Agenzie di Accoglienza e Promozione Turistica Locale -Local Tourist Boards). The A.T.L. information offices – among which AstiTurismo is one of the 9 Local Tourist Boards in Piedmont- have been created in order to improve the local tourist resources and the tourist reception and assistance system and to help the Regione Piemonte with the national and international promotional activities. The A.T.L. are public-private consortia. 

The local Tourist Board AstiTurismo,

is a public-private consortium, but with majority of public capital. It carries out tourism promotional activities and is responsible for tourist information and assistance in the Province of Asti. It also collaborates with tour operators and travel agencies for what concerns the Asti region.

It promotes and creates initiatives in order to improve the local tourism resources. It promotes and coordinates the network of the local tourist offices. It also runs communication campaigns on the tourist offers of the Asti region, on the events which take place throughout the Province, and organizes educational tours for journalists and tour operators.

AstiTurismo, the Tourist Board of the province of Asti, is being merged with Alba Bra Langhe Roero Tourism Board.
Dr. Angelo Dabbene was appointed liquidator.


Our staff

Wanda Alessandra Migliore

Paolo Garrone

Gina Cuozzo

Antonella Borio
Elisabetta Bussolino
Luciana Gino
Cecilia Magyar
Ornella Nano

AstiTurismo was born in 1997 thanks to an iniziative of the Provincia of Asti, according to the provisions of law 75/96. Its first Board of Directors was elected in 1998 and Carlo Cerrato, journalist of the RAI, directed the Board for 9 years. In 2007, after a period during which new regional arrangements on tourism were awaited (arrangements which modify and will modify the structure of the local tourist offices), Giuseppe Bracciale was elected president. Maria Teresa Armosino was president from 2010 to March 2016 followed by Luca Mogliotti elected in April 2016.

AstiTurismo, as well as all the ATL information offices, is a private consortium with public contribution. The members of AstiTurismo are 54. The majority shareholder is the Regione Piemonte, after which there are Fondazione CR-Asti, Camera di Commercio, Comune di Asti and Provincia di Asti. Since 2008 the corporate body is mostly public. New regulations forbid the private shareholding, except for non-profit organizations.

The main activities are: tourist information service and assistance, promotion, services for shareholders and, with a mandate by the Provincia di Asti, database management and update of the accommodation facilities and statistical surveys. 

The Statute was approved in 2004. Subsequently, assembly resolutions acknowledged the changes imposed by the new rules on subsidiaries, while awaiting the Regional guidelines provided for by the reform of the Regional Law 75/96.

From January 1st, 2018 in Asti and its hamlets the tourist tax will enter into force.

The tax must be paid by all the people who are not resident of the Municipality and stay overnight in hotel and extra-hotel facilities located in the municipal area.

The managers of the accommodation facilities are required to inform their guests of the application, the amount due and the exemptions, in accordance with the municipal regulation.

Below we publish the regulation and the table of the tourist tax rates that vary according to the classification of the accommodation facility.

The Municipality of Asti provides the accommodation facilities with a computerized system for the account management of the tax. For further information: